Lady Power

A Home Maintenance Guide for Women

— About the Book

Lady Power • A Home Maintenance Guide for Women is your how-to home maintenance guide. Filled with the personal experience of Arline Charles from growing up in Trinidad to learnings in real estate and insurance classes and her twenty plus years of experience maintaining her real estate acquisitions in the US, the guide aims to help women to be knowledgeable on how to effectively manage their homes, and most of all, how to manage jobs at their homes.

While the book is written for women, men can use it as well. Knowledge is power, so if you need home maintenance knowledge, this book is for you.

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About the Author: Arline Charles

H. Arline Charles (Arline) is an experienced marketer with twenty-six years of experience in non-profit and financial services marketing combined. She is also an event planner with experience in the tourism and corporate industries.

Arline put herself through college while working full-time. She earned an Associate of Business Administration from Borough of Manhattan Community College, a Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in insurance and real estate, from Pace University, and a Master of Science from New School University, with a concentration in tourism and travel management.

She spent thirteen years marketing New York City as a destination for meetings, conventions, and events and another thirteen-plus years in a Wall Street firm marketing financial services products through written communications, branding, and digital media.

While managing her career, she became an owner of two properties: an investment property through a flip and a multi-family home. These properties gave her the opportunity to use her education in insurance and real estate as well as gain some practical experience in property management and maintenance.

Arline is a fitness enthusiast, a late-blooming athlete, and a singer. She loves to travel and is passionate about helping people. She is an avid gardener, runs Spartan and road races, works out regularly, and manages her home as a real estate investment. Arline is a single immigrant from Trinidad & Tobago who now resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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